Premium Remodeling

We offer a variety of premium remodeling services to the Raleigh, NC area. With over 26 years of experience, it’s no wonder why we are Raleigh’s #1 choice for home remodeling. 

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Tiled Shower Remodel

Our Services


We provide full bathroom makeovers. We install custom showers, bath tubs, sinks and cabinets.

Kitchens & Bars

We design custom kitchen layouts. We build sinks, cabinets and counter tops. We also create custom bars.

Patio Enclosures & Additions

We also offer a variety of other remodeling services, such as: patio enclosures, room additions, entry archways, zero entry showers, wheelchair ramps and three season rooms.

Your Custom Solution

Everyone's taste is different. That's why we take the time to understand each one of our client's individual needs. At DL Baird Contracting, we are happy to work with you to build the house of your dreams.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps make it a lot easier to enter your home. At DL Baird Contracting, we blend utility with design to deliver the perfect solution for you.

Zero Entry Showers

We also offer zero entry shower designs. Our one level walk in showers make it easy to get in and out of your shower. Let us work with you to provide you the shower of your dreams. We are happy to accommodate any need.

Outdoor Areas


Enjoy the outdoors with our custom patio designs. Perfect for relaxing and grilling out with friends, our patios are custom built for your specific desires. We build custom patios with and without screens to better fit your needs.

Three Season Rooms

In addition to patios, we also build three season rooms. Three season rooms are ideal if you want the look and feel of the outdoors without compromising on comfort. Our Three Season Rooms can come with a fireplace setup and air conditioning. The window panels can also be collapsed to give you a more outdoor like experience.

Other Services

Door Arches, Roofs and Floors

We are also able to provide roof and floor renovations. In addition, we build custom door arches that shelter you while you try to find the right key to your house. Got an idea that you haven’t seen on this website? Share your idea with us and we’ll be happy to build it for you.